Contact Form Recipient Based on ZIP Code?


Looking to see if anyone here has ever used a lookup table, or something of the sort, in Unbounce to dynamically send a lead notification email to an employee based on the entry of a ZIP code.

So in other words, if I was the user and I entered ZIP code 12345 in a required field, when I hit submit that notification would go to a specific person who was over the 12345 ZIP Code. This isn’t something baked into Unbounce, I know, so I’m looking to see if anyone had used or built something similar.



We’ve been doing lead routing by Zip Code / County database for several years. In our case, we have offices assigned to a county or multiple counties which are then keyed to a separate table of zipcodes in our SQL database. We have a rules management console that then creates the contact in our CRM (Infusionsoft), and runs a custom action set for the local office. If you set up a system like this, you could use Unbounce Webhook to deliver the lead data to the database. Depends on what other crm or systems you use for your business.

You’ll want to get an updated Zip database… there’s always a few new zips and changes by the USPS each year.


So you’re running that all out of your CRM? Interesting. Thanks!


Yeah, well- the database is the first layer, and it controls what goes into the CRM based on the rules. I’m not sure how to send a private message on here, but I could send you a quick video tour if that’d help you understand. Not sure what kind of scale you’re looking to grow, but we have customized this system for a few different industries.


This actually gives me some idea on how to talk to our programmers about this. Our CRM is a bit “handmade”, if you will, so it’d take programming time on their end. I appreciate the help!


No problem. Main thing is to have the County + Zip database together, and then have an area or console where you can assign counties to your offices or users. You don’t want to assign specific zip codes to offices unless you’ve got hundreds of offices all over the place. If you have multiple offices in some counties, then you may want to consider using a round robin to distribute leads evenly in this order Zip=County=Round Robin 1, 2, 3 and so on.


Hi Scott, 

A few months back, I coded a custom solution for another community member that did something similar. 

The client had a list of agents. Once a visitor entered their own zip code, I used the zipcodeapi to do a calculation as to which is the nearest agent. Once it’s calculated, a hidden field gets filled with the agent’s email address. 

After that, based on the hidden field the client had another webhook/script that would route the lead to the appropriate email address. 

Gary’s solution seems like a well thought out implementation and if you are using a CRM might be worth exploring as it would give you more flexibility in the future. 

Last but not least, you might want to look into Zapier as a quick fix.



Thank you, Hristian! Lots of good ideas to chase down, thanks!


Scott, hi. I imagine that you could also have a workaround with Zapier (and a database of ZIP codes in a Google Spreadsheet). Like Zapier would ping the Google Spreadsheet to find the agent to be emailed based on the ZIP code (and then do the emailing). Let me know if you want me to elaborate on this.


Hey I have this same need? Would you be available for hire to do the work in Zapier?


@Hristian, I think he’s referring to you :slight_smile: ^^


Thank you @Justin,

@Craig_Smith1 it should indeed be possible to match data in a row inside a Google Spreadsheet and use that as an action for a zap.

Here is the relevant Zapier documentation.

If you need help, feel free to DM me.