Contact form checkbox opt-in for mail chimp


I’ve got a contact form and I’ve added a checkbox for them to opt-in to a newsletter. I then realized there’s no conditional way to send people to mail chimp. I’m wondering if there’s a way to let the user choose if they can be sent to mail chimp or not or perhaps some other way to accomplish this.


Here are 2 quick ways you can get this to work:

Option 1 (using Zapier):

Use a third party tool such as Zapier, which offers conditional logic. You can set up a zap that sends the Unbounce lead to Zapier, sends you the contact inquiry, and then only if the checkbox is selected, would send the contact info to MailChimp. I realize this requires an additional piece of software, so it might not be the solution you’re looking for, but it’s availible to consider.

Option 2 (using a secondary conversion on a “thank you” page):

Instead of asking for the MailChimp opt-in on the primary page, you can ask for it on the “thank you” or confirmation page. You can even pass the email address that was submitted on the primary page to the confirmation page as a hidden field. That way, the visitor wouldn’t have to resubmit their email address again if they want to subscribe to MailChimp. They would just check the box and hit subscribe, and the email address would be pulled from the hidden field, and all of this would get sent to MailChimp if you set up the integration for it.