Constant Gateways Timeout


Hello Unbounce i wanted to know why am i getting contant gateway timouts on my api request. I already imagine that this must be because of the number of leads. i just want to extract leads from my unbounce page.


Hey @nicolasmelo1,

Unfortunately, this is a known issue :frowning: E.g. see API timeout.

The team does have a ticket in the backlog to address this, but at the moment, it’s not looking like we’ll get around to fixing the problem for a few weeks.

Can you give me an idea of what your use case is? Maybe we can find a workaround.



Hi Hoyan,

Is this timeout issue resolved? I am still experiencing it.

Also I am new to the API but is there a work to get more than 1000 leads at a time.
The documentation below says its capped at 1000


Hey @marketing_user,

Sadly, I have no progress to report on this front. :frowning:

Can you give me some idea of what you’re trying to achieve - maybe we can come up with a workaround…



I am trying to get all the pages and leads for a sub account through the API. But I am running into timeout issues and limit issues.

For pages I can get 50 records through the API but as soon as I increase the limit I get timeout errors (end point: )

For leads max I was able to do is one day. More that I end up getting timeout errors.

Any ideas, workarounds will be appreciated. Its becoming a lot of work downloading leads through csv from website.


So ultimately you’d like to get all leads for all pages in a sub account? How frequently do you want this data? And where is that data going to (e.g. is it feeding straight into another system, or exported somehow?)


It’s essentially going direct into a database table then we use the leads for communication.



Hmmm… Is this just a script that makes and API call to fetch some data and write it to the DB?

Just throwing out some ideas:

  • if you can deploy a web hook endpoint, you could configure a web hook integration and get each lead written to your DB as they are received
  • if you use Zapier, you might be able to use a Digest action and maybe upload a file somewhere that can be consumed by some script that can write each record to the database. E.g. Unbounce -> Zapier Digest -> Upload file to Google Drive


Thanks for the ideas.

I will investigate the digest by Zapier as that will help since we need a summary leads once a day per Account or sub Account.

Is there an option in Unbounce to get all lead for the day from parent account or for each sub account instead of per page?


Unfortunately, there isn’t a sub-account-level “get me all the leads” endpoint. I suspect this is a really common use case - fetching leads for a certain time window on a regular basis. This is where Digest by Zapier is kinda cool because (iirc) you can configure the Zap to deliver the digest on any time window you want.