Constant conact registration forms


I have 3 registration forms in constant contact & I want registrants to be able to sign up to any of them from my unbounce landing page, is this possible?


Hi Shirley, 
You won’t be able to build three separate forms in Unbounce, then use the direct Constant Contact integration in the app. However, you should be able to generate three different forms from Constant Contact and embed them separately in different HTML widgets on your page. Check out some info on how to do that here:…. Please keep in mind though that by introducing third party forms, you’re going to sacrifice tracking the leads in Unbounce in favour of tracking the leads in Constant Contact. Depending on how you set things up, you should still be able to track the overall conversions by using the external conversion tracking script. 

More importantly though, do you mind if I ask why you’re looking to implement three forms on one page? Generally, landing pages should be geared towards a very specific action - like a click-through, or a (singular) form fill. If you’re presenting three different forms for your leads to sign up through, it might introduce some confusion and cause a drop in your conversions. As an alternative, I might suggest creating a single landing page which offers three different click-through buttons, then house your forms separately on three different pages. This way you can continue to use Unbounce forms, track your leads/conversions in Unbounce, and take advantage of the direct Constant Contact integration. 


Thanks for the reply Justin, We are hosting 3 consecutive events at different locations so I want the customer to be able to choose which location they want to register for, my idea was to have a drop down menu listing the locations & whichever location the customer selects it will bring them straight to that form


Hi Shirley, 

That type of functionality would require a bit of form logic, which is not something that we offer at this time. What you *could* do is have three buttons that can smooth scroll the user to the correct spot on the page, but even then you would still need to embed three different forms on the page using a third party form tool. 

I would again suggest to go the simpler route of having three separate buttons for the three separate events, and each of those buttons would link to a different page in specific for each event.