Connecting my landinpage to an excel file



I have an excel-file consisting of customers’ ID and the price we can offer them for our product.

Ideally, I want to create a landing page were the customer enters their ID and the landing page then displays the price.

Is there any way this can be done?

Kind regards
Thomas Rohde


Hi @Thomas_Rohde,

In theory, you can do what you want but not through the excel file directly.

You’ll need to “host” your table somewhere on the web where a script can query it and return the price.

Google Sheets might be one way but even a simple text file should do the trick.



A quick thought: I would add a second layer, some sort of pass they have to fill out so they can’t stumble upon eachothers prices.
Imagine a person putting in the wrong details and seeing the same things he bought for the last few months, but at half price ;).


Thank you!

Is there a script similar to what I am looking for?
I’m quite new in coding so writing it from scratch is likely to be an issue for me.



@andreasobel makes another very good point - how secure do you need this look up to be?

Unfortunately, I haven’t come across a similar script.

Look into JS & arrays but keep in mind this would be a front-end solution - hence not very secure.

If you need more control and security, you would need a bit of a backend and a database.



There is only two columns in the data sheet:

  1. an individual and anonymous customer ID
  2. The new price connected to the ID.

So if the number inserted by the visitor matches an ID in colunm 1, the price from column 2 should be displayed.

Obviously, security is always important but this data is quit anonymous.