Confirmation page URL


I have my conversion tracking javascripts on the confirmation dialog. But linkedin wants the actual confirmation page URL for tracking. Am I doing something wrong here? I don’t think there is a URL for the thank you message on the landing page.


Hi Frantz,

This is what you need to do:

  1. Create a new unbounce page and name it as “Thank You”.
  2. Change the page URL as “”.
  3. Copy and Paste your LinkedIn tracking code on the thank you page. You need to add it as a script to your page.
  4. Once you’r done, Change the form confirmation URL to your thank you page.
  5. Test you submission.


Thanks for the information Frantz


Thanks Nishant! I’ll give that a try.


You’re right on the money, @Nishant_Dewan! Thanks for that feedback :slight_smile:

@Frantz_Widmaier let us know how that works out for you.


@Frantz_Widmaier Nishant is technically correct but adding an extra page would also add one more view to your monthly page views.

All confirmation dialogues/popups have a unique URL. They follow a pretty straight-forward structure:


The only difference between the above two is the leading variation letter (a, b, etc.).

All you have to do is see what variation your page uses and substituted it accordingly.


Hi Hristian
I have tried your method and no matter how I append that URL to one of my published landing pages I just see the message:

The requested URL was not found on this server.

Is there any way to definitively know that directing a lead to that URL is going to produce the thank you page?



Hi @Ben_Carew,

It would help if you can provide an example of a published page.


P.S. You can PM me if you don’t want to share it in the open here.


Can anyone think of a way to link a page variant to its confirmation page variant? We need to do this because some of our UnBounce pages host a form from our inbound marketing platform. The Thank you URL is coded in the inbound platform. So it just publish the thank you url as “a-form_confirmation.html” in the inbound platform and then we unpublish variant “a” of the main page the confirmation page will be dead. We are trying to avoid some extra complexity since we already have custom thank you pages for confirmations coming from Appointlet.