Confirmation Page for Convertable



We’re trying to implement an Overlay to our Landing Page to give our visitors a Voucher, and after they entered their email, we would like to show in the same Overlay a “Confirmation Page” with the Voucher code. Without redirecting to another Landing Page.

Is this possible with the Unbounce Convertable Option?

I hope you can help me.


Hi Isabel,

Yes, of course, it’s possible.

Here’s an example of an overlay/Convertable:

After visitors enter their email, they get a confirmation dialog box:

Now, In your case, instead of saying “we Just sent 10%…” , you can just display your voucher code/coupon code here.

Does that work for you?



Yes Ashwin! That’s exactly what we need!

Where can I find these Confirmation Dialog for the Convertable? :slight_smile: #awesome
Or how can I design it and implement it?



When you start designing your convertable, or when you go to “edit design”, the “form confirmation dialog” box is usually the next tab to the main page.



Awesome! I thank you a lot!! :slight_smile:


You are welcome, Isabel. Happy conversions :slight_smile: