Confirmation box dialog - Download and redirect?


Hey there just wondering if anyone knew of a way that I can redirect someone to another page via the button once the form has been submitted but at the same time download the asset…?

Pretty confusing but I need this for a client!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hey @erayner! I have a piece of code that redirects the visitor at the form confirmation dialogue. Would that work for you in this case? Simply throw this code into your form confirmation dialogue as a script, with before body end tag as the placement.

    // Your URL
    var url = '';
    // Delay before the redirect takes place, in seconds
    var delay = 0;
     window.setTimeout(function() {, '_top');
    }, delay * 1000);


@erayner not sure why you would do this? It would be pretty confusing to the visitor. I would not want to be downloading something in the background and them be re-directed to another url Feels kinda sketch to me. IMHO.

But, @Stefano should work fine.