Conditional URL parameter in a form

Hi there !

First thank you guys for this awesome community ! It helps a lot building stunning experiences.

I’m facing today an issue that, to my knowledge, has not been adressed yet.

On my landing page, I have a form that is meant to generate an url based on the user’ answers. The answers should populate my url parameters. But as my parameters must have defined values (for example : I cannot use such values in my form (it would look awfull for my users to have dropdown with these values).

So it there a quick solution (without scripting) which will do the following trick :

  • if the answer = “My pretty answer” then, transform it and append it to my url as follow “parameter=Awfull_answer”

Thanks you guys by advance !

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@gauthierthubert i dont think its possible without scripting… u are asking to change (manipulate) the response of a user on form submission which can only be done via a script.

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Yeah ! That’s what I’m trying to do. Nevermind, I’ll do the script then :slight_smile: thanks for your answer

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@gauthierthubert without looking at your LP and exactly what you’re trying to do my work around may be applicable and it may not :wink:

On the form where you’re collecting answers, implement a dropdown or selections so that they can only answer with your “pretty answers”.

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Hi. I am new to unbounce trying to implement dropdown menu in the form with Yes and No answers and allow submission only with Yes. Thank you.