Conditional tag Mailchimp


In the form of a landing page I have added a checkbox for signing up for a newsletter via Mailchimp. I have linked Mailchimp to Unbound so the information filled in is transferred to Mailchimp.

However, leads that do not opt for newsletter are also being transferred to the Mailchimp list. Is there a conditional tag that leads that do not opt for newsletter are NOT sent to Mailchimp list.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Mark van Horik


Hi Mark - right now you can’t set a conditional check that prevents Unbounce from sending a lead to Mailchimp. I know there are a few things (including this) that are now available via Mailchimp’s API (including controlling list membership via form checkbox), so hopefully we’ll be able to add those down the road.

In the interim, you could create a segment for the Mailchimp list you’re sending your Unbounce subscribers to and segment out those who don’t want to be added to your mailing list. Alternately, you could remove the checkbox from your form and use Mailchimp’s email confirmation.