Conditional Forms (aka Form Logic)


Hi! I added a form in Unbounce. I want to show different thank you pages according to the fields selected by the user in select dropdown list. I want that if user select the first option then a different page opens and if second option then the other one. May it possible.

Feature Request: Conditional Forms - AKA Form Logic

Hey Ricky, unfortunately no, at this moment we don’t have any conditional logic for multi-step forms. If it’s something you really need, you could look at embedding a Wufoo form on your page instead, as they have some built in logic. We have a video about it at the bottom of this page:


Hi Tani - unfortunately right now we do not have dynamic functionalities with the Unbounce forms just yet. The fields that are created for the form will be shown fully on the published page by default.

I know dynamic forms are definitely a request that we’ve had before so I’ll go ahead and mark this thread for consideration as well to act as a +1 for dynamic form features.

In the meantime Tani, I wanted to mention that you may also want to look into what Wufoo forms offer in terms of dynamic forms as they can easily be embedded into Unbounce pages.


I would love to see the option for user choices to then determine if a filed is the visible any update?


Hey Paul! As of right now Unbounce is focusing on two of our top feature requests: Responsive Design and Dynamic Text Replacement (the latter of the two we just launched last month). Once we’ve tackled Responsive we’ll be sure to re-visit other important feature requests such as Dynamic forms.

In the meantime, your best bet is to embed a third party form from Wufoo and use our External Conversion Tracking script so you still register conversions. Thanks for your patience Paul - and for hanging in there!


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Add dynamic forms.

Add dynamic forms instead of us having to use Wufoo as a work around. Dynamic keyword insertion is a step in the right direction.


Hi Kory - thanks for submitting your idea to our community forum!

This idea has been brought up before, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post into this thread to make it easier for people to vote on. I’d love to hear what else you’re looking for in a dynamic form solution - so please share your thoughts!


Hi Justin.

Thanks for reaching out - much appreciated. For my purposes I need visitors to my landing pages to identify as either a buyer or seller (I’m a Realtor) and once they do so the info info I need from them changes. Such as a buyer will need to let me know the area or sub-area they are interested in, while a seller will need to let me know what their home address is and details about it that are easily field mapped over to my automation lists in Mailchimp.

Currently the workaround I use is clunky and could be much better. I have heard about adding Wufoo forms for this functionality but would prefer to not pay a subscription cost ($30/ month I think it was) to another company for this functionality. Also, once Wufoo forms are framed into an Unbounce page you can’t track conversions in Unbounce anymore which is a deal breaker for me.

I would assume that it’s a pretty desired feature for Unbounce. I could increase my conversions overnight with it.



Hi Kory,

Thanks for the detailed response! This helps me understand exactly what you’re looking for.

To tackle this approach, there are two ideas that immediately come to mind. The first would be to use simple buttons on your landing page for both Buyer and Seller. When clicked, each of these buttons would lead to their own landing page which will each have their own relevant forms and information.

If you’re interested in buying, click here.
If you’re interested in selling, click here.

The second approach would be to utilize a third party form that offers logic, such as Wufoo or 123ContactForm. The downside to this is that there will be an additional cost for both, and requires extra setup as you need to embed these forms on your page. Just a note: if you’re worried about marking conversions, the 123ContactForm integration works both ways, which means you can still mark conversions in Unbounce.

My last question relates to your marketing funnel in general. How are you currently pushing traffic towards your pages? If you’re using paid advertising, I would think that you would be using different ads for buyers than what you’d be using for sellers - in which case you would just have two completely different landing pages. Generally, the more targeted your ads are, and the more relevant your landing pages are in relation to your ads - the more likely users will be to convert.

I hope this helps, Kory!


We need conditional logic as well. Any timeline on this?


Hey Jeremy - we do have loose plans to re-work some of the form functionality down the road, but right now I don’t have a firm timeline on that, as it’s quite a ways away. One of the biggest factors we take into account when deciding on what features to work on is demand and there just hasn’t been a ton of requests for conditional logic compared to other things we’re working on.

Embedding a 3rd party form with conditional functionality, like a Wufoo form, will still work and if you utilize our external conversion tracking, you’ll still get your conversions tracked in Unbounce as well.


Conditional forms would be important for us as well. Consider this as part of the “demand.” Thanks!


Hi Rinku,

I was looking into doing exactly that for other pages we have. Basically you need to use a small piece of Javascript that is called when the user changes the value in the input the script then changes the value of the landing page confirmation url to whatever you want it to be depending on the value of other fields.

The object you want to change is:

You will need to trigger the script when the user changes the value in the dropdown menu using the onchange event in your html, don’t tie it to the submit button otherwise there could be instances where it doesn’t work properly. 

This is an old post that had that problem, using the onchange event will sort that out as it will change the value immediately so it’s updated before the enter key is pressed.

The script is a good place to customize from, it’s not mine so I can’t take credit but it should give you a heads up.

I hope that helps point you in the right direction.




Hey Rinku

Just to add to Stuarts great reply - I actually have a script offhand that should do what you’re looking for. It does require a bit of javascript understanding, but I tried to simplify it as much as I can so that it’s easily editable

Take a look at it here:


You guys rock. That is all.


Thanks Stuart.


same thing here, have had multiple requests from clients for such logic. 


Yes, conditional logic to forms please. Lots of requests for the feature from clients. 

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Same here - we have a few products that some individuals cannot be eligible for, and I would love to be able to keep them from any disappointment or confusion they might experience by completing the contact form only to be told no.