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I have recently tested a ‘Let us contact your relevant friends’ form for event campaigns around the globe. This has been very successful in leads but as an agency, we only receive money from registrations not leads. After looking at the stats, I believe we could get 5% increase in event registration without any further advertising cost from a ‘Register a friend’ but I would have to have individual thank you pages for each event which would all need manual developer links to my clients system which is will add cost & time that will equal the benefits so is pointless. Equally a non-Unbounce taliored form would have an equal cost/hassle issue.

The solution is a Unbounce Conditional form on the original landing page which says ‘invite a friend’ then expands (would need required fields for name, email). This is a solution for myself but I’m sure looking at my stats, it would help others too so is this something Unbounce could build, anyone has any answers or know any partners that could build this within my Unbounce interface because it would be worthwhile at a one-off cost. 

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