Conditional confirmation page

Hi, does anyone have a way to change the page that the user is taken to based on their choices in a form?


Hi Andy,

While this is not a native feature of Unbounce, it can be done using some custom code. It depends on what specifically you want to base the decision around. For instance, here is a thread that explains how to do it based on a dropdown choice on the form: Form Redirect Based on Dropdown Field Value

If you’re looking for a different use case, it would require custom JavaScript. You can even do it based on a combination of form selections, and have a logic tree in the backend that routes to the proper landing page.

Alternatively, another way we’ve done this for our clients is by using a third party form tool that already has this logic-based redirection functionality built-in. We’ve had a lot of success using Landbot chatbots + Unbounce together in this manner. Happy to share more details if you’re interested.

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