Concerns about using the native GA integration and also GTM

I have GA deployed on my main website, along with a number of other tags (e.g. Google Ads call conversion tracking), via Google Tag Manager. However, in Unbounce, I’ve deployed GA via the native integration, because I like the variant reporting, etc. Everything seems to be working fine.

I’d like to deploy those other GTM tags to my Unbounce pages, but I’m concerned that if I link my main container ID, I’d run into issues, due to multiple GA deployments (one via GTM and one via the native integration).

Is this a valid concern? And if so, is the best approach to create a separate GTM container for Unbounce and deploy those other tags that way?

I definitely would not create a separate container. Instead, I’d update your firing triggers to intelligently fire/block tags on Unbounce pages as appropriate.

The best way I’ve found in GTM to identify an Unbounce page is to create a custom variable called Unbounce Page. It will be a JavaScript variable with the definition

You can then use that to deploy/block specific tags on Unbounce pages.

For example, if you wanted to deploy GA through GTM on all pages except Unbounce pages, you’d create a trigger called something like “Page View - Unbounce” where the trigger type is Page View and this trigger fires when Unbounce Page (your custom variable) does not equal undefined. Your GA tag would then have Firing Triggers = All Pages with Exceptions = Page View - Unbounce.


This is exactly what I needed- Thank you! (and sorry for the delayed reply; I missed the notification)

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