Competition landing page



We are currently utilising Unbounce as a tool to create landing pages for different campaigns including competitions.
In April we will run a competition, where we want to gain followers on social media and email subscribers at the same time.

We came across this tool which has a great feature:

That allows entering a competition many times (with points)
So for example:
If they subscribe to the newsletter they get 3 points
If they follow us on twitter they get 2 points
Retweet 1 point
Follow on LinkedIn 1 point

Is possible to create something similar on unbounce?

Thank you,



Hey Madalina,

I don’t think it would be possible to add this type of custom functionality to an Unbounce page without a ton of custom development work. It would be much easier to just use a tool like Gleam, since that’s what they specialize in.

I have seen people create Unbounce pages for contests and then just have a button that links out to the contest. So essentially a click-through page that goes to Gleam, etc.

Another idea is to embed the contest widget on the Unbounce page. It looks like Gleam has an embed option.