Comparison Tables


Hi there, what is the easiest (and best looking) way to insert a simple comparison table into an Unbounce landing page?


I Would assume pure HTML


Hi Mary, 

HTML, as AJ suggested above, is one way to do it. 

Another way would be to just build it out of editor elements you have at your disposal. (boxes, text and images). 

By composing the comparison table out of the elements you have, it would be easier in the future to change, rearrange and style them any way you want. Plus, this way no coding is required. 

It all really depends on what you mean by “simple” comparison table. 

Let us know how it works out and feel free to share an example of what you want to achieve. 



Hi Mary,

Have a look at this free comparison HTML builder. I’ve never used it, but it might be useful for this scenario.

Best of luck!

Stefano Apostolakos