Community Spotlight: Rolf Inge Holden


Rolf Inge Holden, aka Finge, is the Founder and CEO of ConversionLab, a full service CRO agency based in Norway. Finge joined Unbounce in 2012, and quickly became an active (and super resourceful) member of the Unbounce Community. Fromhelping marketers get their retargeting up and running, to co-building unique slide-in forms, Finge is undeniably an expert not just in Unbounce, but in all areas of conversion rate optimization. We’re happy to call Finge an official partner, and even happier to have him on our team of Community Champions.

Although he’s based out of Norway, he’s currently optimizing for customers in the US, Australia, India and Norway. Finge is an experienced marketer who is now fully focused on CRO. In his previous role as Global Digital Expert for DHL Express, he implemented CRO in more than 100 countries worldwide, and is now applying his learnings to his clients and the Unbounce Community.

Rolf Inge Holden, aka Finge
Founder, Conversion Rockstar at ConversionLab
Trondheim, Norway

What areas do you specialize in?
Our specialty is designing, building and optimizing effective landing pages for paid traffic. We usually add a bit of email marketing and autoresponders into the mix to further engage leads for our customers. We use Unbounce for all landing pages we create for - and we use Optimizely for optimizing on our customers website for organic traffic.

How did you first become interested in Online Marketing?
Being responsible for all things Marketing Communications at DHL back in the days we did a lot of offline activities and was relying on fluffy parameters like ÇawarenessÈ and Çintent to buyÈ to measure the results of our marketing efforts.

Having no real measurable results to show for, or the possibility to calculate ROI made us very vulnerable to being first in line when budget cuts came. This got tiresome. We had to become smarter - and our approach shifted towards digital. I guess my first eye-opener to the power of real time tracking was with Email Marketing. By the time we were A/B testing on landing pages and was able to increase our Conversion Rates by more than 1000% (yes, you read right) vs when we sent paid traffic to our website - I was completely hooked.

What brand/company do you admire in the digital marketing space?
I think there’s a lot of top notch work done out there, and there are several that I could point to. What especially sparks my attention is when a brand or company speaks manage to stay focused and true to what their core business is - and if they manage to add a little feelgood to the mix I am usually sold.

Wistia I think is one of these companies. They provide a rock solid platform for hosting videos, and they bring a ton of feelgood to their online tutorials/videos. I also admire Unbounce for staying razor sharp on track with what they deliver in terms of their platform and content with value for their audience. I believe Campaign Monitor is to email marketing what Unbounce is to A/B testing of Landing Pages. I gravitate towards companies I admire, and I am very proud be in partnerships with both Campaign Monitor and Unbounce.

What is your go-to strategy for A/B testing? 
Insight is the basis of our testing. We always start with ÇinnovationÈ followed by ÇiterationÈ, and in our experience this gives us greater results. We start with two very different versions both in terms of design and messaging, and once we have a winner we move on to a more iterative approach, changing one element at the time.

Any predictions or trends you foresee dominating marketing in the next 5 years?
Mobile already represents the majority of the traffic for a lot of our customers today, and it’s safe to say it’s going to continue that way. For that reason I see location based content and targeting as being a great opportunity forwards.

What are you reading / listening to these days?
I use Pocket to collect articles on CRO to read - and it keeps me busy. There’s no shortage of good content out there. I follow several blogs including Unbounce and Crazy Egg as some of my favorites. Currently I am also reading The Girl in the Spider’s Web, continuing the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series.

What is one thing you can’t live without?
This one is easy. My iPhone, and as of late my Apple Watch.

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Great to learn more about you, Finge!  Keep doing great things :slight_smile:




Thank you for the kind words, Joe :slight_smile: