Community Spotlight: Hristian Kambourov


Hristian Kambourov is the founder and Chief Conversion CraftsmanTM (CCC) of, a rapidly growing, results oriented consultancy. Passionate conversion and growth optimization expert with a simple goal - to increase a company’s bottom line by converting its site visitors from viewers into leads & customers.

An American expat currently based out of beautiful Bulgaria, working with companies on four continents, ranging from eCommerce stores and Silicon Valley startups to Fortune 500 businesses. Applying data-driven CRO practices to find insights and opportunities for improvement in order to revise this thing called the funnel. Hristian’s 10+ years of digital marketing experiences at companies in various roles have blended into the perfect mix of skills and expertise of a growth optimization expert.

As the story goes, Unbounce was a love at first sight for him. Now 2 years later, Unbounce is an indispensable tool in his belt that allows him to design, implement and A/B test high converting landing pages at a fraction of the time and cost it would take otherwise. Building on the experience through these years, Hristian is now an active part of the vibrant community always ready to help.

What areas of digital marketing do you specialize in?
Our specialty is in landing page and eCommerce optimization, however in order to stay sharp and challenge ourselves, we do take on occasion other interesting projects involving SaaS or content based websites.  The data-driven process that we have adapted and rely on [research>analysis>design>implementation>monitoring>iteration] can be applied to any web based business. Having substantial experience doing email marketing at the enterprise level also gives us pretty unique advantage on helping you further optimize your marketing campaigns. 

How did you first become interested in Online Digital Marketing? 
A long time ago in a galaxy… It all started back in 2001 which in internet years might as well be centuries ago, my brother and I opened our first eCommerce store. Back then there were no social networks or Google Adwords to help you reach your targeted market, SPAM was getting out of control and the dust from the dotCom boom was just settling. To cut the story short, I did what any budding entrepreneur has to do - learn fast, break things and grow. 

What brand/company do you admire in the digital marketing space? 
There are two distinct types of companies I admire - companies that do digital marketing exceptionally well and companies that help marketers like me do what I love. 

In the first group I put Basecamp , Apple and Disney. When was the last time you saw an ad for Basecamp, yet you probably know who they are and what they do. Their sole existence proves that you can go against the current and build a profitable business that you can be proud of. SignalVsNoise is probably the first form of content marketing I distinctly remember. Apple and Disney on the other hand are two companies that really make it seem easy to build products or offer services that simply delight the customer. 

In the second group I put Unbounce , Optimizely and lately Hotjar. If you are reading this then probably I don’t need to tell you how awesome the Unbounce team is and how a tool like their landing page builder can save you a lot of time, money and frustration. Optimizely has helped push the conversion testing scene forward tremendously and Hotjar is just a testament of how a team with a vision can build, launch and improve a product in a really short amount of time. 

What is your basic go-to strategy for A/B testing?
A/B testing is just an end to a means with us. Usually, there are a lot of other important steps that need to take place before we get to conversion testing. The basic strategy is always to find data to base our optimization hypothesis on and to look for insights that can have meaningful, measurable results for our clients. 

Any predictions or trends you foresee dominating marketing in the next 5 years? 
Now that we can all agree that mobile traffic and conversions are here to stay, I see a big push to actually figure out how to deliver the best possible personalized experience on these devices. Machine learning and in more general terms AI is something a lot of companies are going to try to use in their software and offers, to try to deliver on this personalization promise. Crunching the all mighty big data and offering it as a marketing add-on.

Who wouldn’t like their Unbounce builder to analyze their copywriting in real time and offer suggestions based on your target audience? 

What are you reading / listening to these days? 
Reading, watching and listening is a big part of my daily life. As an optimizer you need to be on top of pretty much everything remotely related to your work - from psychology to design and from copywriting to economics. My Instapaper queue is always full of interesting articles and posts, Kindle is stacked with books to be read and often times there is a podcast in the background.

Most Recent Blog Post - The long, incredibly tortuous, and fascinating process of creating a Chinese font
Most Recent Book - Customer Included by Mark Hurst. Go pick it up and read it - it’s good.
Most Recent Podcast - The Distance’s Always Glad You Came - There’s just something really fascinating listening to business owners who have managed to stay in business for 30, 40 or 50+ years.

What is one thing you can’t live without?
Internet. No really, everything else - phones, computers, apps and gadgets are replaceable.

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Hristian Kambourov
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Sofia, Bulgaria


Who wouldn’t like their Unbounce builder to analyze their copywriting in real time and offer suggestions based on your target audience? SIGN ME UP FOR THIS!

Also, really happy to have you on board, Hristian. You’ve been such a stellar thought leader in the Community, and I always look forward to hearing the ideas and suggestions you have to offer. 


Hey Justin, 

Thank you for the kind words. 

I’m grateful to be part of such a vibrant community and can’t wait to see what you and the Unbounce team have in store for us marketers. 


Excellent getting to know you better, Hristian :slight_smile: You provide valuable insight and engagement to the community! Keep it up!!


Thank you Finge. 

Trying my best to help out when I can.

Happy to have another European in the community while North America is still sleeping. :slight_smile:


Great profile. Thank you for all of your insights and help!



Thanks Joe. 

You’ve been pretty active in the community as well and I’m happy to see more people participating.



Great to see you in Community Spotlight Hristian!  Always enjoy reading your insights :slight_smile: