Colored Page Border?


How do I add a colored page border to my form? I’d like something similar to Test #9 at… . I tried adding one big box and sending it backwards, but then it appears I need to add white boxes on top of every other section where I don’t want the color (i.e. the current page sections are transparent) because even though the standard sections on top of the box have a white color (#fff) in the background properties, they’re still transparent to the color background box behind it.


Hi Michael - thanks for posting and I’m sorry for the delay. Just from reviewing the #9 test example of that post, I would say that right now the best way to achieve this kind of design would be to place an pre-designed background image (white box with colored border) into the background properties for the ‘Page Properties.’ This will make it so that the design is the background of the page as a whole, at which point you will then be able to keep the page sections transparent and then place in the elements of the content as needed.

However, I did want to mention that with this kind of setup, you will likely want the background to dynamically adjust since the width of a page can be different depending on the browser and window being used to view the page. In this case, I would recommend this background image scaling method:…

I know this isn’t what you were initially thinking of but I hope it still helps you to achieve the type of design you’re looking for!


Ok thanks for the follow up, Jacquelyn. I’ll give that a try. I also found another workaround by setting the background to a color then just adding a slightly smaller white box on top of it. Seems to work ok right now.