Color Pallet/Frequent Colors


It’d be great to be able to have a color pallet option when selecting a color for text or other assets. Similar to how Photoshop offers recent colors and a default RGB pallet, it’d be great if that were to be part of the Color Selection popup.

To go one step further, if the software could detect the most used colors in a template and let you use those as the document’s pallet. It’d be great if that were savable as a ‘template’ for colors, so for iterations that look different or entirely different landing pages for the same brand, there’s consistency!


This would be awesome! Great idea.


Great idea!


In my role, I work with half a dozen or more domains in some capacity on any given day. Most of the time, i’m not adding buttons from scratch, but when I do it would be really helpful to have some pre-defined or recent colors (by user) to pull from. Secondary to that would probably be brand colors set at the domain level.