Collecting information/sign ups - can we input our form code?


We’re hoping to put up a placeholder page which would include a sign-up for our newsletter/beta invites. Right now we’re using the form code for our provider (madmimi) - can we set something like this up within Unbounce?

If not, where are those signups going to end up? What will they see after they hit ‘Submit’?


Thanks Carl,

We’ll toy with the Java workaround and see if we can’t get the info directly into our list, so thanks for that.

Any idea what ‘next couple of days’ might mean? That’s a really fun question for young tech companies, I know:) We’re looking to launch a first version site late this coming weekend, which is why I ask!



Truthfully, we were just discussing our deploy schedule as you sent in your question, and this particular feature was targeted for Tuesday night or Wednesday morning!


Super duper wonderful!

The tool’s great guys. Boris Mann recommended and he was right.



Hi there! If you use our built-in forms, you’ll be able to download the signups from within Unbounce on the “page details” page. You can do some simple customization of what a visitor will see after they submit the form, such as specifying a pop-up message with a brief thank-you, or directing them to a URL.

Today, you can embed external Javascript via the “edit source” feature of the text edit component, which is obviously less than ideal (honestly, it’s an unsupported hack). Within the next couple days we’ll be releasing much better support for embedding external components in your page (see