Collapsible page sections on landing pages?


  Hi there, is Dynamic Height Section feature available already?


Hi Unbounce team, what’s the ETA of this feature? Look forward to it!


We need a collapsible/expandable section as well… 


I need this right now to have a country selector in the header that can disapear with a click


Hi, we’re very interested in this feature as our products are generally very content-heavy. Is there an update on this functionality? Cheers!


Hi Hristian,

The dynamic height sections you showed look fantastic. Are you still working on developing or do you have the code ready to share? I’m trying to do something similar on my page but more like a traditional accordian or toggle box for text.

Here is an example for what I’m trying to achieve:

Do you have any suggestions for creating something like this?

Thank you!


[How-to] Create a Collapsible Page Section

Unbounce Team,

Any updates on this one?

Thanks in advance.





Are there any updates on thus feature? We also have a use case, where I see it being beneficial.


How far are you with this project?


Hi Rasmus,

We’ve had this working for the last few months now on client’s projects.

PM me with a bit more details about your exact use case.



Sounds great!

I work for Doctors without Border - Denmark, and we are creating an unbounce landingpage for our national door-to-door collection.

Our guy helping us with the signup-flow recommended at collapsible section when clicking on “SIGN UP” (in danish, BLIV INDSAMLER):

So that’s basically the use case.

An expanding page section with a field to type a specific area code, that on “submit” will redirect the user to a map showing the different routes to collect in the given area.



Hey Matt!

I’ve spoken with one of our developers and he explained:

@Matt_Coady: When you normally make a page you’d put your content into the actual sections. When you collapse them it’ll take the content with it. The trouble with our system is the content all sits together on a layer above the page sections, totally separate of each other. The reason for this is that it lets the user freely position content anywhere, including having content from one page section show up in another page section.

There’s no easy way of working around it, though @Hristian seems to have built a workaround. I imagine if you contacted him directly he might be able to see if it’s something that he can help you out with, but in this situation I unfortunately can’t provide a script.

Hope that sheds some light on the situation! :flashlight:


Hi @RHimmelstrup,

I modified a demo page I have with the collapsable sections script to resemble your use case. You can take a look here.

Currently, due to the way the script needs to be implemented I only offer it to clients of my agency because I have to implement the whole page.

You can PM me directly for a quote and delivery time estimation.



Hi Hristian

Not sure if I do this right then? Can’t seem to locate a direct/private message button (perhaps I’m a bit retarded :slight_smile:).

The demo page is exactly what we are looking for.

If possible, you can contact me on

Best regards,



Hi Everyone! There’s a new Tips and Scripts workaround that will give you the ability to add a collapsable page section. Everyone give @Noah a round of applause for this one :clap: