Collapsible page sections on landing pages?


Would like to add a collapsible section with additional information should a visitor wish to read more. A simple button to click saying “learn more” would expand a section containing further information, pushing the sections below down the page.

Is this possible?


Hey Ben!

As Justin our Director of R&D notes here, it’s technically possible with some jQuery but it would be difficult as elements on an Unbounce landing page are absolutely positioned.

Truth be told, one of the reason’s we haven’t included this feature yet is due to the fact landing pages should be as simply designed as possible. Beautifully designed, of course, but we’ve found the more bells and whistles you add to a page means the more likely a lead will get distracted and forget the call-to-action. Not ideal, considering landing pages, by nature, should be designed to convert. We usually recommend saving the design tricks (sliders, accordions, collapsing divs, etc) for your website.


Thanks Lou,

The desire to add a collapsible/expanding section of text is for exactly this reason. To keep the page as clean and simple as possible while giving those that wish to read more around the topic the opportunity to do so.



Using a expanding section would allow us to provide a great deal of information without it distracting from our CTA


That makes sense, thanks for the feedback Ben! I’ve passed this along to our Director of Product Development & User Experience as a feature request.


Thanks Lou!!


Any word on this “feature” yet?

We’re trying to do the exact same thing, and though I see it listed on Unbounce’s  site @ the following link:

It doesn’t work properly and most definitely doesn’t fit a branded design of having link text expand a div layer.

We need it as well, because our products are text intensive and this method most definitely allows the user to click that which they desire rather than forcing paragraphs upon them, thus turning them away.

Any word on it as of yet?  It’s been a year since the last post by the OP.


I love Unbounce, it’s great platform but nevertheless absolute positioning for everything just sucks. Yes, it makes easier to position elements for non-IT people without ruining templates that much. But it’s unnatural for modern webdesign and ill-suited for HTML too.  And that’s why “responsive” design with Unbounce is a total fake, whatever your claims are.

Atleast we want to see absolute positioning related to page section, not to top of the page. Even this will be a huge improvement and less headache for developers.

The main problem I see is that Unbounce already outgrown time when it was just a great tool for non-IT people to make and test landing pages. Nowadays a lot of Unbounce pages are created by professional designers/developers and having such a silly limitations doesn’t makes any sense. 


We want to do this as well. Would love an update. Thanks.


Yeah, we want it too. thanks


Thanks for the feedback, all! 

Also, just to make sure our product team has enough information to go off of, be sure to let us know why_ this functionality is important to you. What pain points would a collapsible page section solve? Is this a spacing issue, or design issue?


I think a lot of the value comes from the fear that a potential customer may leave because there was just not enough info to convince them that they should act now with your company.  I believe the recommendation has been to utilize light boxes as an alternative.  I must say that for somebody who only shows 2 testimonials on their landing page, but has more if a customer wants to read through them, that an expandable section showing more could be a great solution.  Not sure of the effectiveness vs. utilizing a light box, but worth exploring.




I’ll weigh in here: We may be very atypical Unbounce user, but we use it less for “landing pages” in the traditional sense, and more as an extension/addition to our website. Unbounce allows us to quickly create microsites or pages for specific events or topics that we’d otherwise have to get our developers to code and release to put on our corporate website. Using Unbounce is so much faster, easier, doesn’t require as much technical prowess, and we can make sites/pages that look pretty much like our website.

Collapsible sections would be great functionality, especially when making pages that aren’t really intended to be “landing pages” with a specific call to action, but more informational. For example, we’ll often make a “microsite” for a conference, which might include a few linked Unbounce pages, and being able to collapse sections like “Expand to view conference sessions” or “Expand to view exhibit hall floorplan” means that the site itself can look nice and clean/streamlined, but we can provide more detailed information if people want it.

Hope this makes sense!


Hi Amy, 

My team and I are currently working on some advanced scripts that would allow you to use collapsible section (we call them dynamic height sections). 

We hope to have everything ready for launch by March 1st. Starting with a few scripts like:

  • Dynamic Height Section - for FAQ sections, comments, toggling content on and off, etc. This has proven to be the hardest of all ideas we have due to the way Unbounce constructs pages. Although, we are confident we have a handle on it now. 

  • Full page sections - Your page sections become full width/height depending on the visitor’s screen resolution with the option to scroll up/down to the next section.  

  • Sliders/Carousels - Native sliders you build through the Unbounce editor and “animate” through a little piece of JavaScript. 

A little preview of the Dynamic Height script working on an Unbounce page: 



Looks amazing! I can’t wait.


Me either! :wink:


I’ll +1 this too… 


Count us in, Hristian!


Count us in!


Hi, new unbounce user here!

I’d love to create one landing page with several (let’s say 10) collapsible/expandable sections; we have a year-long webinar series, and I want a clean list of Titles/Presenters/Dates that can be use-expanded/collapsed to show/hide the entire webinar description as desired. 

The form would have check-boxes to register for the desired webinar(s) with a single user information form submission. We want to avoid having 10 landing pages with 10 repetitive form submissions for 10 individual webinars.  

Any update to this feature?