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Hi All,
I’m trying to use this codepen but when I plug it in to the custom HTML box and the styling sheet for CSS then hit preview, the page comes up blank.

Here it is:

Any suggestions?


Are you looking in preview mode or on a published page? Sometimes certain customizations will only appear on a published page. Not sure if that’s the case here, but it might be worth double checking.


When you put the css in did you wrap it in a tag? 


To add to Joe’s point, I would suggest adding a new Stylesheet, rather than slotting it into a current one (just to avoid coding errors!). This will also make managing your CSS easier.

Select “Stylesheets” at the bottom > select “Add Stylesheet” at the top left. 

As Joe mentioned, open the coding with 
Paste your custom CSS
End the entry with  
to close the code.