Cname not working


Hi, I have setup my Cname right but the domain still says it is not working. Can someone give any ideas on why this might be happening. Your inputs are much appreciated. Thanks, Snehaa


Hi Snehaa, 

Sometimes it can take up to 48h for the DNS settings to propagate worldwide. 

If it has been more than 48h since you’ve set it up, please get in touch with the Unbounce support team and they’ll look into it for you. 

It would be helpful if you send them a screenshot of your domain provider settings relevant to the CNAME changes. 



Thanks Hristian :) It has been more than 48 hours so I guess it is time to reach out to the support team.


Make sure you have assigned the URL to the landing page and pressed Publish.  Odds are you have tried that and more BUT just in case :slight_smile: