[Closed Beta Feedback] Dynamic Text Insertion feature


Hi everyone! As many of you are aware, we’ve started beta testing a new feature that has had a lot of attention in this thread over the last few years.

I’m hoping to use this thread primarily for actual feedback from customers who are involved in the beta. Please let us know:

  • how the feature has worked for you,

  • any shortcomings you’ve noticed,

  • or bugs that you’ve discovered.

If you would like to request beta access, please send us an email to [feedback@unbounce.com](mailto:feedback@unbounce.com?subject=I’d like to be included in the Dynamic Text Insertion beta please!&body=I am interested in being a part of the Dynamic Text Insertion beta group because…) from the email address you log in to Unbounce with.

Here’s an overview of the feature and a little background about who we built it for:


A couple early observations that we have already sent through UB support, just logging them here for others to share.

  1. Leads from a dynamic LP were not emailed or sent through the integrations (Mailchimp and Zoho CRM). This was fixed by the UB team very quickly and leads were re-submitted without any problems.

  2. Our primary account is opted into the beta, but sub-accounts apparently are not. This caught me off guard as I was about to roll out more dynamic LPs across multiple clients for testing.

  3. Despite #1 and #2, conversion rates are up significantly on our early tests. Not a large enough sample size yet to call it conclusive, but promising :slight_smile:

  4. Would love to have CTA buttons utilize dynamic text.

  5. Would love to dynamically select images on the LP based on a URL parameter.

What is everybody else seeing?


Thanks Andrew! Just fire an email to feedback@unbounce.com with the names of the other clients (formerly “sub-accounts” for loyal long-term customers like you :slight_smile: and we’ll happily enable it. Our feature flagging is on a per-client level at the moment.

Really exciting to hear that you’ve had success with conversion rates, can’t wait to hear more. We’ll be looking for compelling case studies to publish when we release the feature so please let us know if you’d be up for something like that.

  1. (CTA button labels) Ñ note taken. It’s in our backlog of proposed improvements.

  2. Images: This was also our original plans for a phase 2, but we’d like to hear some more feedback before pursuing it just yet.


Small UI change: we’ve renamed the button label from “Insert URL Parameter” to just " Dynamic Text" so that it’s a little easier to talk about and is more in-line with other text editing button labels.


Are the keywords being served dynamically the actual queries made by the visitor, or the triggered keyword you’re bidding on?

Also, if Google crawls your page prior to a click through to determine QS, how then are you able to get the full benefit of the DKI?


Hey Ryan! When you use AdWords’ DKI feature and add the {keyword} tag to your destination URL Ñ it’s going to pass in the keywords that were triggered, not the search term. I don’t think there is a way of passing through the original search term to your destination URL.

Because of this, Google is able to hit your destination URL with each of the keywords you’ve provided to give them all their own quality score.

Does that answer your question?


Probably a stupid question. If I change my CNAME to the new server, will my old non-dynamic landing pages remain unaffected and continue as normal?


Hey Scott - Not a stupid question at all! Your pages under the domain will go down while the new CNAME record propagates. This usually takes only a few hours, but sometimes the timeframe can be as large as 24 hours. Keep that in mind before you proceed.


Hey Scott - Not a stupid question at all! Your pages under the domain will go down while the new CNAME record propagates. This usually takes only a few hours, but sometimes the timeframe can be as large as 24 hours. Keep that in mind before you proceed.


And what happens after that downtime. Will the old landing pages without dynamic code still work?


Yup the old landing pages should then continue on as normal :slight_smile:


Hey Andrew, I update a separate thread with the same response, but we released the ability to include dynamic text inside of a button label today so you can now customize your CTA based on variable input.


Andrew - GREAT call on the CTA buttons with dynamic text. Split testing is excellent but dynamic buttons would rock the house. SO great Carter. Thanks.


Glad you’re excited about this Denni!


This is a good step towards improving adwords quality score. We have discovered more important is not just having a one off landing page. Adwords likes multiple pages of content.


Would love to hear more about that Jacob Ñ do you have an example you can share? Are you doing lead-gen?


yes, this one page does great to drive calls and is very keyword targeted but as soon as we directed traffic to it our QS dropped significantly. I asked some PPC experts and they said it was because its just one page. The example they used was my other site that is not as KW rich but has many pages and we are also able to use site extensions which help CTR. I dont publish my URLs here for competitive reasons.


How does this work with Broad Match Modified, will there be + signs before my words on my landing page?


The quality of the landing page is important to Google (Adwords).
It’s part of the quality score:

As a ‘rule of thumb’ you could think: “what ‘score’ would I give this page as an organic search engine result” (or even better: ‘how would my customer rate it’ :). Like with ‘regular’ pages meant for organic SEO, the more unnatural the page is in terms of keywords, usability, etc. the more negative it impacts the Adwords Quality score (or at least the ‘landing page part’ of the QS).

So basically if you take dynamic keyword insertion over the top (or regular keyword insertion for that matter) it’l negatively impact the quality score.

So having outgoing links to other parts of your website (and rest of the web), could have a positive impact on the Adwords QS, because it’ll be more like a ‘normal’ natural webpage.

A matter for another topic, but stuff like this would make it awesome to be able to have Unbounce landing pages on the same domain as the rest of the website.


You nailed it on the head Sil. My ideal solution would be Unbounce pages on my domain. I could quickly build content and pass it to my developer to host in my domain would be perfect. That would result in good SEO, good conversions, low development costs, and good QS for PPC. That would be a huge move for Unbounce if they made this possible.