"Close-on-Click"-Button as Conversion goal in my Pop-Up-Window?


Hey there…

Is there a way to set the “Close-on-Click”-Button as a conversion goal?

Thanks :slight_smile:



I don’t believe that is an option. What exactly do you need to accomplish with your users?

You could find an alternative way to get this done. It sounds like you are directing your users to open something, if it’s a Lightbox you can select the Lightbox to be one of your conversion goals.



I have not tried to do this myself, but it could be a walk-around.

I am wondering if you can create a popup convertible, design it as you would your lightbox, add the “Click to Close” button type (track those clicks) (this is only an option for popups not light boxes) then set the trigger to the button ID that is on your page.

Again, haven’t tried that, but it might be worth a shot! ¯_(ツ)_/¯