Close lightbox on form submit


We needed to include two forms on one page, so we were instructed to make separate Unbounce pages and pass them through two lightbox popups. The problem is when the form is submitted we end up with a popup thank you message, hence a lightbox in a lightbox. Ugh, not an acceptable user experience. How can we simply close the lightbox on submit?


Hi Glen,

I would recommend using a different page as your confirmation page instead of the lightbox confirmation :wink:


Any idea how to use a different page as the confirmation page? Did I say I was brand new to Unbounce?


See documentation here :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, the lightbox doesn’t close with any of these examples. I don’t want to display a different confirmation page I want to actually close the lightbox.


Hi Glen,

Unfortunately, we don’t have a solution for that since we need to let the user know that a form is submitted. Otherwise they won’t know if they signed up for something or not.

Finge is right. The workaround for the lightbox in a lightbox issue is to change the form confirmation to Go to URL. You’ll have to create a separate Unbounce page with the same dimensions as the form and use its URL. That way when the form gets submitted, it will reload the lightbox and open that page seamlessly.

I know it’s not the best thing but I hope that will help your situation.