CLKN wrapper gets shown in search listings


just found out that the clkn links appear in Google search.
I have some navigation on my landingpage (these pages are hidden from search engines).
The links all have the clkn in it but they redirect to the normal URL when clicked on the page. However the clkn links that google indexed don’t redirect. How can I fix this?

Hi Chris, you are saying that they appear that sublinks in the search results? Can you send a screenshot? Maybe you can add a rule in a robots.txt file

Yes, that’s what I am talking about. unbounce-serps

This one of the subpages, an imprint. In Unbounce I have it set on “Hide from search engines.”. On the page itself the clkn-link redirects to the normal imprint page but the the URL in the search results does not get redirected (and looks stupid, even if I want to get it indexed)
I have checked other sites as well where I know that companies built them with Unbounce and found out that they have some of these unwanted pages indexed as well.