Clkn wrapper and safari: cta button links not working


Hello Unbounce,
Our pages work fine on Chrome and Firefox, however with Safari, none of the CTA button link URLs we have seem to work. Instead of linking to a new window (scrolled further down), as works in Chrome & Firefox, the CTA button pops a brand new page but starts again at the top of the page. Any idea why this happens only on Safari?
When I cut/paste the link (minus the clkn wrapper), that jumps to the correct spot on the page.
Please advise.


Hi Russell, 

This issue seems to be pretty specific to your account, so we’re going to go ahead and start a ticket so we can email you directly. Hang tight!

Update: It looks like this is a bug in Safari, actually. My colleague Quinn is going to chime in and update you further. Hang tight, Russel!


Hi Russell - this is actually related to a Safari bug (details on that here). We use those clkn and clkg wrappers to keep track of stats for links and then use a 300-redirect once the appropriate count is fired back to Unbounce.

Because of that Safari bug, if you set a link to open in a new window a redirect strips out the anchor link, so instead of going to, the #lp-pom-block-24 gets stripped away.

There is a way to get around this though–if you use a link shortener we fire our redirect and then the shortener’s redirection is handled a bit differently, so it’ll open up as expected. or Google’s link shortener would be my suggestion, since they’re both well known (so you won’t have people who are scared to click on either).


Your solution to use doesn’t work. Why not just give us an option to remove your tracking params?