Using unbounce for a while, I upgraded to PRO so that I can share results and leads of his specific pages with one of my client… If I copy these pages to my client then I don’t have any stats or leads because it is considered as new pages… How can I just share leads and stats of an existing pages (present in my manager accounts) with my clients without creating new pages ???


thks stuart, in fact my problem was to transfer “old” pages on a new client… Unbounce support is going to do that for me because I can’t do it myself.

Thank you!


Just wanted to chime in here! Alban, glad our Support Team was able to help you out with this.

For anyone else just starting out with their Unbounce accounts (especially if you are a consultant or agency creating pages on behalf of clients), it’s worth checking out this article about how to efficiently set up Clients & Users for providing different levels of access and organization from the get-go (so you save yourself the headache later).

Using “Clients” will allow you to do things like copy pages between clients, download all leads at a client level, and maintain separation between one client’s work and another’s (pages, domains, image assets, stats, etc.) You can read this post for more a detailed explanation of the benefits.

If you’re an agency, you might also want to take a look at our ecourse: Landing Page Strategies for Agencies!

Hope these resources are helpful.


Hi Alban, if you’re on a pro plan you can create unlimited read only accounts and provide them with a login that they can see stats with. Would that do the job?