Client Preview and Jscript: Digging up an Old Request


So I know that this has been asked a number of times over the last few years, but really think that this is something that needs to be bumped to the top.  

I (and many others) need to provide a preview of different variants to our clients prior to sign off. These need to be able to function properly with Jscript and such.  

Right now we need to create them with a new URL, publish them, send to clients, make changes (on the original) republish as a test, send to client, repeat.  It’s a total cluster and something that I’m sure many others have to go through here. 

Any thoughts on creating a workaround for this?  I wouldn’t mind adding a client as a viewer, etc. but that means tacking on $5 or so for every single client.

Thanks - Frustrated in Frisco


Hi Matthew,  First off, so sorry that we didn’t see this before. Not sure how it got glossed over, but I’m happy to dig in to this and answer some questions now.  

Now for your question. While you could simply add new clients and read only users, this doesn’t exactly answer the question of allowing all javascript/html in the page builder or preview mode. 

At this point in time, we pretty much allow any html in there, which means that it is technically possible to put unsafe script tags into html element blocks. So if we render the html it means it will run the javascript in the builder. Due to the way the builder is designed, this can pose as a major security risk if the wrong code gets called. 

We’re aware of this limitation (as are other members of the Community) so I recommend checking out Paul K’s reply in this thread for a more in depth answer. 

Matthew, I hope this is enough info for now! Also, sorry our Road Trip caused a disruption in time, space and matter which somehow caused the Blackhawks to lose. Our bad. :wink: