Client only sells one product. Any Advice?


Hello Unbounce! I recently acquired a new client and while they are pleased with me from other SEM work, it is now time to improve conversions.

My issue is: They only sell one real product :frowning:

They sell an expansion for said product, which I am confident I can drive improved results with Landing Pages, but for this individual product, what is the best solution? They have an incredibly well designed website, geared to drive conversion. However I am still convinced that due to them having multiple pages (Home, product, blog, about us, social links, etc.) that they are giving users too many choices.

Anyone have any experience driving conversions for a client or business like this?


Hello and welcome!

We have many clients that only have 1 product or 1 service, in fact that is pretty typical for most LPs that we do. They all have websites too. But, a website is not a landing page as you already know from the points you raised in terms of navigation. There’s many others; lots of copy, leakage, non-relevant pages that don’t convert, etc …

Design an LP focused on this product. keep it short and sweet; how it works, features, why use it, testimonials, incentives/promos, etc. :slight_smile:

There’s tons of good examples here

I hope this helps.


Some Tips:

  1. Creates their Unique Value Proposition
  2. Keep the focus on Benefits of their product
  3. Creates Content Marketing related


I appreciate your input. But I think great content is much more helpful. You should try for it. lol


You said “They sell an expansion for said product”, is “expansion” or extension? please clarify


It’s not the big matter I think. But the thing is can you increase the sells? This is the big success.


Hey @Kirk_Grogan,

Congratulations on landing that client, and it’s fine if they just have one real product. Many people I work with don’t even have a product to begin with, but I insist that they should still be working on building their own audience with email, and for that Unbounce works great.

  1. Now, it won’t matter if they have a beautifully designed website. As you rightly pointed out, all those other pages will take the attention away from what’s most important when you nudge visitors to come and drop by.

  2. Do you have a sales funnel in place? Are you sure you have that part figured out?

  3. The chances of someone visiting website/landing pages and buying are low. Even if a couple of sales happen that way, you have no control on the outcome. For that reason, don’t sell upfront. Use email to create a sequence of nurturing emails to warm up those leads to buy later. This puts you in the drivers’ seat, gives you control, and you can actually calculate how many sales you are likely to make for your client given the size of your list.

  4. Just because the money is in the list doesn’t mean the buck stops here. Since you are working as a consultant, insist that your client also has a consistent blogging schedule, an ever-growing social media network set, and more.


Yeah, the more sells and more opportunity to grow and flourish business.