Clicktale integration?


Any suggestions on how to best use Clicktale? I have the code installed, but I only see the heat and click maps for one variant. Is there an integration in the works?


Hi David,
Clicktale has come up a number of times, but we haven’t yet started any kind of integrations with them. Good to know that you are interested though, thanks for reaching out!

In the meantime, are you sure your code is in the Custom Scripts for each variant? If you email us ( with a link to the page in question I’d be happy to take a look.


Any more info on this integration or if it works properly on all variants if installed correctly?


Hi guys, any more info about this ? I don’t get them to work together …


Hey Roberto! ClickTale is an Unbounce partner. As seen here, they should play well together. I’d recommend reaching out to ClickTale’s awesome support team who will be able to steer you in the right direction.

I tried searching for your login email but came up short. Can you contact us at and our team will see what we can do? Thanks Roberto!


Same here…