Clicktale integration doesn't record UK traffic, but does for US


My Clicktale integration isn’t working, is it because the traffic is coming from the United Kingdom, and have something to do with the new cookie policy from last year?

I have successfully recorded one session, which was my own and I’m based in the US. And there has been UK traffic going to these pages since my own session was recorded.

So, I know I have everything setup properly since it worked at least once when I first tried it on myself, but hasn’t worked for any of the UK/European traffic. And yes, I do have my Clicktale account set to record 100% of the traffic, and no I’m not anywhere near the cap for their free trial.


Hi there Stephanie!

I’m sorry to hear you’re having a few hiccups with your Clicktale integration.

We don’t have a direct integration with Clicktale, that being said if you could send an email to with your login email, and page URLs that you’re encountering difficulty with, we will be sure to have a look and dig in.