Clicks not registering with Google Analytics


I have google analytics across multiple domains. My landing pages are all on and my products sales and signup forms are on

I’m trying to track clicks from to but if I place /purchase/ in the Google funnel tracker it shows no clicks. It does show users who visit pages but it doesn’t register them clicking through. How can this be resolved?

I suspect it could be one of several things;

  • When tracking across domains Google recommends using javascript within the href link. But it doesn’t appear possible to do this because unbounce rewrites the href link causing the javascript to break.

  • The second thing I considered is that because unbounce is rewriting the URL’s I have to modify the funnel URL to properly track it. unbounce changes to /clk/buy/domainname/com/purchase or something along those lines. In short, its not the actual URL. Making tracking harder.

Has anyone been able to find a work around for this? Or gotten it to work in some way?


Hi there! Couple thoughts on this. First, you only need to use the javascript linking method when you are tracking across different domains. In your case, you’re tracking one domain with different sub-domains, so you should be ok.

The URL rewriting shouldn’t matter, what matters is the actual destination URL. The funnel URLs you use will be the actual page URLs, as recorded by GA, not the link URLs.

One thing to consider, did you setup profiles and filters in GA to add the host name to your path?