Clickable mailto: Email Address as an Unbounce Conversion Goal


I have added an email address to my page that is a clickable link using the mailto: reference though i had to choose “other” as the type of link when i was setting it up in the editor.

On the same page I have a click-to-call phone number link using the tel:# reference. There was a specific tel: option for creatign this link

My question is:
On my Conversion Goals tab only the tel: link shows up. It doesn’t recognize my email address as a link and therefore the email click isn’t available for tracking as a conversion.

What do I do to set-up the email link so that it works properly and is available as a Conversion Goal?


Hi Brent - While we do provide the ability to add mailto link, at the moment they cannot be tracked as a conversion within unbounce.

As an alternative, you can integrate with Google Analytics. Their event tracking gives you the ability to further track your buttons.

If you haven’t already, take a look at our Google Analytics support article:…


Hello Johnny,

Thanks - This will come in handy.

However the Event Tracking instructions only show how to track an Event associated with a button. How do I do it for a clickable email address link since there is no button id?

I want to learn how to do this for clickable email address on my landing pages as well as for click-to-call phone numbers on my landing pages - neither if which have a button-id


Hey Brent, you could also try using a link shortening service to turn your mailto link into an http link. That should let it show up in your conversion goals tab. It looks like this service allows mailto links:

I’ve added an issue in our backlog for us to take a look at making mailto links accepted as conversion goals.


Thanks Carter, that helps me see it as a conversion in the Unbpounce tool which is a big plus obviously but in order to be able to track it associated with my paid search campaigns or in GAnalytics I need to be able to add the Event Tracking code to the link. Currently it sounds like the only way you allow this right now is if I make the email address a button instead of a link. Is that accurate?


Hey Brent - GA event tracking requires an additional setup. Check out the link below:…

It details how to add event tracking to both standard links and mailto links. Hope that does the job!


Thanks Johnny. This is exactly what I was looking for.

What I have known how to do is the OnClick tracking snippet. The example they provided was

< a href="#" onClick="_gaq.push([’_trackEvent’, ‘category’, ‘action’, ‘label’, ‘value’, ‘noninteraction’]);">Link Here a>

But in the Unbounce pages (if all I do is the above) it doesn’t seem to like it. I assume I need to add something to a script entry? Sorry i am not really a coder more of a paid search marketer so this stuff is over my head.

The instructions mention adding a javascript call. Do I add something like that to the page as well?


Hi Brent - I myself haven’t used that particular setup on unbounce before but I assume it should work just as well. In order to better assist you I’m going to start a support ticket for you. We can then sort out if this is the appropriate setup for your goal.


Has this been prioritized? It would be very handy to be able to track clicks to emails wihtin unbounce.


Any updates on this, team? I have a page with one button that has a mailto: link, so conversions will always be 0 for this page.