Click to call using callrail -How do you change the viewable phone number



My understanding is that callrail when integrated with Unbounce will change the phone number it sees to a different one so that it can track. I have two click to call buttons on my mobile page that are showing the original phone number in the phone log when the button is clicked. How do I integrate callrail so that the number changes here as well and is tracked as such?

Thank you.


Hi Alan,

We use CallRail across all of our campaigns and landing pages.

Have you created a tracking number within CallRail? If so, you’ll simply need to copy paste that tracking number into your landing pages.

If you’d like to track variants & keywords, you’ll need to use dynamic number insertion.

See documentation here.

If you need a hand, feel free to reach out!


Thank you @Stefano

Yes, we created a tracking number in CalRail and it works well on desktop and mobile to change the number on the screen but our problem is when we click the call but on mobile, we see the underlying number show up on the person’s phone log to call and not the tracking number.

Have you dealt with this issue before and what was your solution? Also, is it better to use “Go to URL” or “Call a Number” in the click action?

Thank you again.


Hi Alan!

Are you using a button for the click-to-call? The button typically works well for us. Make sure your label & your phone number are matching up (see attached).

If this doesn’t work, feel free to inbox me your page and I’ll be happy to assit in troubleshooting.



Thank you @Stefano. Sorry for my ignorance but how do I inbox you?


Hit my name & click “message” :slight_smile:


Thank you again but I don’t get a message box when I click on your name.


Weird - I just fired over a message.

You should see it on the top right of your page.


Thank you Stephano for the help.

CallRail sent me a solution from a previous post “Disable clkn Wrapper” as the clkn that was generated from the “Go to URL” was preventing CallRail from working.

Thank you all again.



I have the same problem as AlanJ, where the underlying number being dialed and not the new dynamically inserted number. This is for mobile Click to Call. I’m however using Invoca. What is the fix for not having the hard coded number being dialed when using the Click to Call feature?