Click-through conversion details?


How can I see which URLs were clicked (that are a part of goal conversions) Ñ this is pretty crucial for me in order to understand what features my customers are interested in.


Hi Yurii - I have to say that we knew this question would come up fairly soon after we implemented the ability to track multiple conversion goals. Unfortunately, the ability to track conversions to individual goals when you have more than one on a page is not yet available, and while it is definitely on our radar I am not in a position to give you a timeline for when it might be implemented.

I do realize that this is not the response you were hoping for. Some people have suggested using trying to use Google Analytics to get this kind of data although I currently have no feedback on how well that might work.


It would be an absolutely awesome feature, particularly because neither of tracking systems that I have for my “front” web site is tracking links with anchors (#featurename) and I am pretty much losing all the information about what features are more demanded than others. I guess I’ll try to figure out a way to work around this.


Would be much better to get this feature inside the dashboard along with 3rd party conversion tracking but I see that’s on the cards, for me that would take this from being a pretty good product to a great product that we would definitely pay for.

In answer to how to track each link retrospectively in the meantime, I have implemented Coremetrics individual tagging to each link alongside Google tracking too, if you have Google analytics I’d suggest you did that for the time being, you can see how to do this here:…

We’ve only just launched our first test but we do similar tracking techniques with other similar problematic areas we wish to track (Google sitelinks) but can’t and works a treat.

Hope that helps



Thanks a lot for chiming in Rick - this is definitely still on our radar and it’s great to get more feedback.

There is a lot you can do with google analytics and a little bit of javascript. Here’s a great technique for using jQuery to help track all outbound links in GA. You could tweak this to work for any links that are pointing to #anchors as well…



hey guys still VERY interested in this feature! i have a couple of important and very different conversion goals on my page and have no way of knowing which one users are clicking on!

i could see it as each conversion goal is set as a different color, and you simply follow that line across the graph to track how each is performing - something like that?


Tracking the conversion rate of specific goals when there are multiple conversion goals on one page. For instance if I have 3 links, I would love to know the drill down numbers for each, rather than the high level “30% clicked on at least one of these…” If I knew WHICH ones they were clicking… KILLER


Hi there - just echoing a huge interest in this feature too! Knowing which link people are clicking on is pretty crucial… Please keep us posted!