China Know-How


Hoping there might be others like me out there, I want to start a topic about how we can facilitate Unbounce behind the great firewall of China, at least to help the people who are trying to search for information about how to use not Chinese landing page tools in China.

Reach: I’ve read previously that the service wasn’t accessible from China. I set up Unbounce on a domain registered in China (ICP pending). Although it’s somedays painfully slow, it’s still accessible.

Accessibility: Chinese characters are creating a bit of problem. On the landing pages, everything is totally fine, the pages and text look okay. But when you receive leads, .csv fails Chinese. The file you download will not be the file your visitors filled in. It looks like Chinese, but it’s nonsense Chinese characters. My way around this is, instead of downloading the leads file, I view leads from the page, copy the inputs to an excel manually. Same applies to Arabic, I remember this is a problem with .csv, not Unbounce.

Analytics: Although I managed to add the Baidu tracker to my Unbounce pages, Google Analytics works just fine. We have a separate website where I’m able to compare what both Analytics are collecting, and somehow Google collects exactly the same data with Baidu, nothing gets stuck because of the firewall.

Permission Marketing in China: excluding the SMS, you can just do anything. Practically no one cares. SMS is a problem where you might face fines and I found it fairly harder to buy SMS packages - companies are reluctant to sell as we can’t proof any permission (and we are a European company who is trying to do everything in the proper way. If you are running a smaller startup you probably can get “other” SMS services where you can use your Unbounce data to send messages.

Baidu SEO for Unbounce: This is something I haven’t started yet. Any input would be appreciated.