Checkout funnel templates and tracking


My conversion funnel is more than one page. It would be great to see templates for a checkout funnel - as well as tracking to see which versions/combinations of funnel pages have the best conversion rate.


This is a really interesting suggestion. We are always looking to improve our template designs and coming- up with new kinds of template to deploy is an important part of that.

At this point I can’t say when another batch of new templates will be available, but we will make sure that this idea gets on the radar.



This would be a fantastic feature addition.


Hi gdevore - thank you for your comment! - we are big fans of this idea as well.

If you want to browse, contribute to - and vote for - feature ideas for unbounce, you can always check out our ‘Ideas List’ here;…

Note- this list isn’t our entire roadmap - just the ideas that are most popular with our Get Satisfaction community.

All the best - and thanks again for posting!



So I’m a new guy on the block and this was asked a year ago. Has it been implemented?


I was wondering the same thing?


+1 to this idea. I’d love to see this happen. 


Hey Amanda (and Kamil), sorry for the late reply. I wanted to confirm a few things before I opened my mouth, so to speak. 

I have a couple questions:

  • How many pages are your checkout funnels on average?
  • Could you describe one of your funnels and how you are using it?
  • How do you imagine the testing would work?
    As I understand it, there are two parts to this: added testing functionality and templates.

Testing combinations of pages depends on us building some improved reporting tools. Fortunately, improved reporting is already in the plans for this year! In the meantime,  the more we know about your needs, the better our solution will be.

For templates, we can build some template funnel pages that look good together, but knowing whether they work well together is contingent on the first part of your request: added testing functionality. 

If funnel templates that _look_good together are still something you’d like to have right now, I’ve started a thread for requests over here=>…  Add a comment and I’ll make sure they  get added to our priority list for the next round of design (currently scheduled for May 22nd). 

Thanks guys!


Hey Kamil, please take a look at my response to Amanda below. 



Our checkout process has about 5 pages, but truthfully, I’ve got web analytics to see dropoff rates. However, I was thinking things more along the lines of being able to count “quotes/leads” separately from “orders.” The two conversions are both important, and I’m mostly interested in if the landing page doesn’t produce orders but produces tons of leads, it might need further tweaking. 

Does that make sense? I’d just love to have those two set up so I can easily see conversion rate from the landing page to quote and then to leads. 

I’m much more interested in the tracking than the templates. I’ve already got my pages… just want the tracking! 


Yup, totally makes sense, Amanda. 
A/B testing funnels instead of individual pages. 


Cole, I was actually just playing with the software and don’t have specific examples. Thanks for looking into this.