Check boxes - help please! (Float Radio Buttons on Right Side)

My landing pages are set from right to left with CSS code. But for some reason - it doesn’t work well on the checkboxes on the registration form. please see at the link - the form (check boxes should be on the right side of the text). Can anyone help me - how do I get the checkbox to the right of the text?
this is the CSS code I use:

form input, form textarea, form select, form select option{ direction:rtl; left:0 !important; } div.lp-pom-root .lp-pom-form-field label { right:0; left:auto; text-align:right; } .label-style { float:right; }

and this is the Javascript:

thanks a lot !!

Hi @meravstern77

I have played around with styling radio buttons in the past. Hopefully this will get you in the RIGHT direction…pun :smiley:

Maybe you can add or edit this into your current css.

 /* Style Radio Buttons */
.ub-input-item.input-wrap.optionsList input[type="radio"]{
float: right !important;
.option {
margin-bottom: inherit !important;
.option label {
position: relative !important;
margin-bottom: inherit !important;
margin-right: 30px !important;
float: right !important;

Dear Kyle
thanks a lot!!! it is working!!!
Can you please also send me a code for the checkboxes?.. you’ve sent me a code for radio buttons and I need one for the checkboxes and I am not sure how to make it fit for the checkboxes…
I would very much appriciate your help please :))

Dear Kyle
I did it!! I managed to make the code also for my checkboxes - thanks so much for your help!!!
All the best
Merav Stern :)))