Changing the sending field in a drop down menu in a webhook


Hi, I need help to have the field pass as another field in a drop-down question on a form. For a question that is asking if someone works in a team, we have the options of “Yes, teamwork makes the dreamwork” and “I fly solo”, We want these fields to pass as “Yes” and “No” how can we make these pass as “Yes” and “No” to our webhook without changing the language on the page? Is there a way I can modify the webhook to do this?

Link to Page.



Hey @Austin_Jennings

Good question! I just had a conversation with my team on webhook labels this morning.

No, I don’t think this can happen. Whatever you type into the form as an option is going to be the value the POST sends via webhook. In other words, when you set up the webhook label, it looks for any value sent from the form with the label you assigned to it.

But maybe where ever you send the form data, you can add a quick little if/then statement if you need organization. If result = “I fly solo” then text displays “no”