Changing Response after Form Submit


Is it possible to change the response to the user after the form submit? Right now its just a “Thank you”. Would like to customize that response.


I’m trying to build a ‘free whitepaper download’ page and it would definitely be a huge help to be able to trigger a file download. Thanks guys!


Thanks for the comment Pete,
This functionality definitely on our list. For now the workaround is to link the form submit on your landing page to a second page displaying a download button for the whitepaper.

This does of course mean that you have to host the whitepaper document on your own server or on a document hosting service.


Jason - sounds good! I definitely know that “the list” is like - you don’t even want to see ours…



Is there a built in function to configure that link or do you need to code it manually into the button?


Hi Peter,
Yes you can change that message: - In the editor, when you have the form selected, there is a panel called “Form Confirmation” in the sidebar on the right. From here you can either direct a user to a new URL, or customize the message that gets prompted.

Currently the message is displayed in a standard alert but we will be improving this in the future, including an option to let you serve up a file for the user to download.