Changing landing page URL format


Based on this article ,

Lets say I have a domain name test[dot]com and I created a subdomain name landing-page for Unbounce. Based on that article, my landing page URL gonna be landing-page[dot]test[dot]com right.

My question is, can I change the URL to ?



Once you add you URL to the domain list in Unbounce, in your case the “” then in the Unbounce page overview you can change the slug to whatever you like. So you can make the slug “landing-page” and the end result would be “”. I will include a screenshot below.


Hope this helps!



Hey @Web_Support,

If you are using WordPress and the Unbounce plugin, you can have your landing pages as a category/sub-category.

Otherwise, you would have to use a sub-domain and your landing page URL would be for example: try [.] domain [.] com / awesome-page