Changing associations of images to sections


isn’t there a way to change associations between images and sections? I have a bunch of images in a section which I want to link to a different section … I tried dragging the items to a different section in the tree on the left of the screen but it doesn’t work.


Hey Bert,

Well, um, you see, uh… no, there’s not. “Drag-and-drop” editing is something that Justin here has been planning for quite some time. We just have a long list of stuff to build.

So, apologies. We hear you loud and clear. For now you’ll have to delete the image in one section, and then add it again in your desired section. But rest assured that one fine day in the not *too* distant future (likely defined by, say, a small-ish number of months), you *will* be able to drag-and-drop images (and more) between sections.



hi Carl
ok, thanks for letting me know. maybe you could add a drop down in the right hand object inspector where we could change the section the object is associated with? that might be a temporary fix while we wait for your drag and drop epicness.


That’s an interesting suggestion, I’ll make sure this gets passed on to Justin.

In the meantime, I added the following idea:…

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