Change logos on all pages


I have 1 image on multiple pages. Is there a way to update the image in 1 place so that the image updates on all pages. (For example I have a Kanban Board page and a Project Management and they both share the logos.png image. How do I change the logos.png image so that both pages get the new image. I have over 60 pages that share the image… so i don’t want to do this manually).


Hey Neel,

Unfortunately this isn’t something that our page builder is capable of at the moment, however, I’ve documented your feedback and have passed it on to our Product team (we’ve gotten this request before).

If you’re comfortable with using a bit of custom HTML, send me a direct message and I can give you some alternatives. However, if the pages already exist and you’re wanting to add new images to all of them, there’s a greater risk of breaking elements on your pages.

Keep me posted!


I would love to give the custom HTML a shot. I have the same question.