Change Form ID label from Default Assigned #lp-pom-form-###

I am using Google Analytics to track form submissions. So use a fairly standard routine of setting a goal based on:
Category = Form
Action = Submit
Label = #lp-pom-form-###

The challenge is I have six landing pages and Unbounce is assigning most of my forms the same ID label. Therefore I can not create unique goals under my analytics for each landing page.

Can I change the form ID label?

If not any other suggestions to distinguish one form from another form on another landing page if they all have the same ID.

you could use Page URL in your label. Wouldn’t that be more convenient when analyzing reports?

Going the URL route is definitely better.

Check out this article on how to add hidden fields to your forms. You can name your campaigns and label things however you want and it will get passed along to analytics.

I don’t think I explained the issue clearly. In Google Analytics Goals I need to track if the submit button is triggered on the page. The action works great. The issue is all my landing pages have been automatically given the same Form ID and we track all the Landing pages under the same GA. Therefore the Event Action Click appears the same from all pages.

If I could just change the form ID it would address this. My forms only put up a dialog, so I can’t track a destination page as a Goal Conversion.

By running Javascript on the Unbounce page to dynamically change the Form ID works fine, but the CSS to style the page still refers to the original Form ID and that can’t be adjusted by JS, so the form loses it’s styling.

@Kevin_Ells it depends on how you are capturing that form ID in your GA event label. Are you using Google Tag Manager to fire tags on a form submit trigger? If yes, you must be using the “Form ID” variable in your Event label field of the tag. Change that to Page URL. If you are not using Google Tag Manager and are capturing via GA event javascript, again you must be passing Form ID into the event lable in that javascript - you can change that to page URL or anything that will make your report more understandable.

If its about setting up a goal - you’ll set up an event goal and leave the label value blank. Then go to your Goals report and you will be able to see on which page the goal happened.

In both cases, you actually dont need the form ID but are able to clearly see which pages the form submissions are happening.

I understand thats not the answer to your specific question of how to change form ID of a form but I am just suggesting from a user perspective. As someone who would look at the reports, you might want to have a comprehensible report that you can look at and immeditaely know which form was submitted. With form IDs wouldnt you have to go back and check which form ID is assosciated with what page? :slight_smile:

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