Change form element's ID


It seems that Unbounce auto-generates a form element’s ID on the landing page, something along the lines of “#lp-pom-form-81”.

It appears in the “Element Metadata” section in the Form’s properties on the editing screen but it’s read-only.

My question is whether it’s possible to manually change that ID to something a little friendlier?  The reason I ask is that it gets pulled into my Google Analytics reports as an Event Label.  If I could name it something obvious on a per-page basis it would make my reporting efforts a little easier.



Ok, thanks for letting me know.


I would love to see a way to change it as well! 
Ugly URLs dont match the beauty of unbounce! 


thanks rob. the issue i am having is that when i copy a page, the variants’ form and element IDs are also copied over unchanged. so my GA reports all have submit form events coming from ‘#lp-pom-88

what can i do on the unbounce side of things to address this?


Hi Mark,

It’s not something that is configurable at the moment. It is possible to change it with a small script but it will have an impact on various other workings of the form and landing page and also other areas that we might not be able to see (internal Unbounce workings of the platform) so I wouldn’t recommend changing that at this stage without some thorough investigation or support directly from the Unbounce team.

It is possible to configure Analytics to use event labels and categories which should give your reports a more meaningful data set. It’s this route I would go. It means some changes to the way you setup your analytics and make the initial event call but it is possible and highly recommended as it gives you more control.