Change filename



I uploaded images to my landing page, but they were not good for SEO (because the filename didn’t describe the content of the image).

I have tried to rename the files I uploaded, and it works, but it doesn’t change the filenames of the images that I use in the landing page. In fact, I select an image, double click to change the file, select the same image (but with the correct filename that I renamed), and use it, but it still uses the old filename.

How can I change the filenames of the images that I’m using without deleting them, and adding them again?



Hi AndrŽs - you may just need to clear your cache, as the method you described should work. I just did a quick test to confirm, which you can see in this video.

Can you try clearing your cache and reloading the page? If that doesn’t work, can you send us over an email to, so we can dig into your specific page?